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We aim to become the leading hotel partners especially for the small and medium hotels, providing not just comfortable stay but meeting your actual stay objectives. Our hotels generally have a capacity between 30-50 rooms.

Our purpose is to maximize profitability for the property owner and investors while completely managing the assets and daily operations successfully. We help to optimally utilize the resources, improve ROI and increase the value of the brand. It works towards the mutual benefit between us and guests, partners and stakeholders.


We are equipped with a very competent and experienced team highly proficient in their respective jobs. Our team is regularly trained with the changing hospitality standards and best in class industry practices. We ensure the team is engaged, empowered and satisfied to deliver happiness and contentment to our guests.


We endeavour to maintain long term relations with our employees, stakeholders and customers. Quality is our top priority. Quality expert team ensures strict quality checks at each stage. All our products and services are in concurrence with international standards and safety regulations.

Growth and continuous improvement drive us towards fresher ideas and betterment in our services and amenities.


  • We strongly believe in creating a team of individual owners that is loyal and committed and enhance their efficiency and reliability by being profitable stake holders.
  • To see a brand that encompasses an entire gamut of Hotel solutions to put forth for its hospitality partners as well as bringing memorable experiences that create stories for its customers.


Our mission is to create a reputable hotel brand that sticks to the promises it makes to its guests, stakeholders and employees. We create a friendly working environment for our employees, empowering them to take actions. We place very strong emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene and increase environment friendly solutions. We strive to achieve higher market share and generate higher revenues for our property owners and investors.

Corporate Service Responsibility

We owe to the society and contribute back towards our society by creating job opportunities with the locals and building environment friendly hotels. We have special initiatives to manage and reduce wastage.